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The complete site download is now up and running! By downloading the two site files you will have all the site contents on hand. All 135,000 pages of documents directly accessible on your local computer wherever you may be. Each download will take between one to two hours as they are about one gigabyte each. Single files will also be open for download as you need. Thanks to YOU...our donors...there will be new content available. You the donors are the only reason the site is running! If it were not for you, we would never be able to continue. Too many people want the content for much as we wish that could be a is not. As documents are scanned and uploaded to a new folder content level, you will have a new ZIP file available for download. As of now that should be within less than two weeks for the new folder. You are the ones who are keeping this site alive! Thank you so much for supporting such a valuable project and understanding the effort and costs associated with such an undertaking. Without you, none of this would exist.

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